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About Us

Things to Know about Harrison Elementary

  1. Harrison is a ‘pod’ school which is an open classroom concept as opposed to the traditional self-contained classrooms with the exception of kindergarten.
  2. Harrison concentrates on teaching strategies, lifelong learning, and citizenship to enhance students’ knowledge and experiences.
  3. Staff and students model the district’s core values: responsibility, honesty, caring, cooperation, and respect to promote citizenship and pride in their school.
  4. Harrison provides and maintains a safe, nurturing environment for students and staff.
  5. Harrison promotes high academic achievement and growth for all students and provides strategies, modifications, and adaptations to meet students’ diverse talents and abilities.
  6. Students engage in innovative and creative music, art, and physical education opportunities.
  7. Harrison integrates technology for student learning, teaching strategies, information, and communication for students and teachers.
  8. Harrison encourages parents and volunteers to strengthen academics by reading to students, tutoring students, and working collaboratively with the teachers to provide smaller learning groups.
  9. The PTO supports and encourages assemblies, guest speakers, field trips, and school initiatives and projects.
  10. Harrison’s remodeled and renovated facility expands our opportunities for meeting the 21st century expectations for schools