Harrison Elementary School

Home of the Hawks

Harrison Elementary School is a school of approximately 300 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Harrison is a ‘pod’ school which is an open classroom concept as opposed to the traditional self-contained classrooms with the exception of the kindergarten classrooms. Our students adapt very well to this environment. The shelving and cabinetry creates the “walls” and defines each classroom area. The library media center is in the center and connects to the three pod areas, each containing five classrooms. Students and staff work cooperatively and as a team. The unique design lends itself to collaboration.

Harrison School strives for academic success and encourages individual student growth. Students engage in reading, mathematics, spelling, social studies, science, health, and handwriting. Students also excel in music, physical education, and art classes each week. Our caring and talented teachers differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each student and promote creativity. Our principal embraces learning and encourages all staff and students to be lifelong learners. We are about teaching the whole child and helping each child to grow.

Harrison Elementary School Philosophy

We believe that maximum, educational success for each child can be attained only through the cooperative efforts of school staff, parents, and students. We believe that teams of teachers working together provide the best opportunity for children to have a positive and successful school experience. Each team determines the needs of children, plans an instructional program to meet those needs, and then evaluates that program. Harrison promotes the district's and community's core values of caring, cooperation, honesty, respect, and responsibility to provide an appropriate and safe learning environment for students. It is our intent to create a school climate in our building that can best be described as a positive, family community.

Harrison Elementary School's Mission Statement

"I will be a safe, respectful and responsible learner at school, at home and  in life."